Hello lovahs, friends, family and foes! Another month, another Ipsy Bag. 

As usual I will be showing you what I received in my September Glam Bag and my thoughts about them. You down or nah? Lol. Alrighty then, let’s get started.

Ok, so I’m no Angelina Jolie (and clearly Brad is no longer impressed either) and not to toot my own horn, but, TOOT TOOT ya’ll! Mama was born with great lips if you ask me and a few select others 😉. Nonetheless, this Too Faced Cosmetics Lip Injection made me gasp with glee as I opened up my makeup bag! I have been DYING to try a lip enhancing product, but not being familiar with that world I didn’t want to buy the wrong thing and waste my money. Besides, like I said, Mama’s got lips so I really don’t need it. Lol. 

Lip Injection by Too Faced Cosmetics
Anyway, as usual Too Faced stayed true to it’s proclamations. Since it was the first item I ripped open and instantly used (I just used it again; it’s 1am est and I am in bed 😂) I can attest that it does deliver what it promises. 

You immediatley feel a tingle the minute you put it on. The box does warn about this and says it’s lasts about 5 to 10 minutes, which is totally accurate. It lasts for me, about 6-7 minutes. In a few minutes after application, you can literally feel your lips plumping (which is kinda cool; I’m a nerd too LOL) and If you use it over a few weeks as I have, you do notice a fullness increase. If that wasn’t all fantastic, here is the best part it’s a light weight clear formula that not only plumps but also leaves your lips non sticky and super moisturiezed. It’s thin silky feel leaves your lips soft, looking glossy and plumped. What more could you ask for? Another awesome sample from Too Faced Cosmetics.

Up next on the favs from this month is VaVoom nail polish by Be a Bombshell Cosmetics.

I’d like to thank them for featuring these lil piggy’s on their Instagram page @beabombshellcosmetics 😀 I was super humbled and I adored this color.

VaVoom Nail Polish by Be a Bombshell Cosmetics

To me it’s a perfect transitional color for those few weeks between Labor Day and the beginning of Fall (which is today) where you are confused on what to wear and still want a pop of Summer color but Summer is over, but it’s not quite yet Fall so you don’t wanna go dark.

It’s the perfect mix in between the brightness of  a Summer royal blue and a mid Winter inky navy. 

Fall pop of color perfection. 

The next 3 items I received but have not yet reviewed.

  • Eyeko “Eye Do” Liquid Liner

  • Nuxe Paris “Crème Fraîche” 24 Hour Soothing & Rehydrating Mask

  • Briogeo “Don’t Despair Repair!” Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Now, let’s be perfectly clear, LOL, I LOVE eyeliner, but since I’ve been getting my lash extensions done I hardly ever use liner on my top lids anymore. I am a fan of the “winged” effect. If wearing eyeliner now, I usually only line my bottom lid. I love my waterproof It Cosmetics Eyeliner that I got in August’s Glam Bag that I’ve been using that. 

No worries though, I will get a full report as I plan on gifting it to a special spirit animal MILF who is the master of “winged” eyeliner! ❤️

Since I have sensitive skin, I am on a strict all natural product regimen . I will not be testing out the Nuxe Soothing and Hydrating Mask. So it might end up as a goodie in my upcoming Halloween Trick or Treat  Giveaway on Instagram. Stay tuned  🎃.

I fully intend on using the Briogeo Hair Mask. It is paraben, silicone and sulfate free and smells delish! I just have yet had the time to use it. *insert eye roll and say in Carrie Bradshaw voice when she drops her birthday cake in the concrete “You’re sooooo busy!!!!” * LOL 😂

There you have it gals and guys, my September Glam Bag Swag. 

As usual I hope you all enjoyed your products and tested them out just as I have. Please comment if you’ve gotten the products I’m not using and let me know how they are. I love a little chat. 😀

Until next time my loves. 

xoxo Nikki M



Or for those of you more couture inclined, Targét.

Ahh Target, the store where you go in for one item and return to your car with that 1 item and 10 more you may or may have not neeeded. LOL. I KNOW I cannot be the only one this happens to?! 😂

Not only do I visit there for basic life necessities, I most importantly  go there for their incredibly affordable, comfortable yet chic clothing.

If you are an avid follower of my Instagram page, which I hope you are 😁, (If not please see link below), you will KNOW that I am an avid Target shopper.

From simple go-to items like kitschy tees, tank top, sweatpants and jeans to chic dresses, shoes and accessories, I can say my closet is 70% Target. 

As a fan of high/low mixing of my labels as a style must, I find that Target has the perfect blend of quirky items and designer labels at affordable prices to satisfy any budding fashionista’s salacious appetite.

Aside from Target’s in house brands like Mossimo Supply Company, Merona and Disney, there has been an array of designers that have done collaborations with Target to offer low-end price point lines for us fashion savvy money concious shoppers. A lil guilt free label lovin’, can’t go wrong with that.

The list of designer collaborations is expansive and fashionably ecclectic. It includes Proenza Shouler, Alexander McQueen, Rodarte, Jason Wu, Missoni (my fav), Prabal Gurung, 3.1 Phillip Lim to Sam Edelman. Target never disappoints when collaborating with a brand.

Some may pish posh the idea of clothing from Target but they would be wrong and hey honestly that leaves more clothes for me. However, the empty racks at Target tell me some might be secret Target shoppers. 

I mix my pieces bought here with my expensive labels with ease. I also have no problem rockin an ENTIRE outfit bought from Target. Remember, style is what you make it. No one can duplicate your special touch, even if in the same outfit! 

Here are a few on my outfits made up of items purchases at Target…

As you can see Target has pieces you can put together no matter what your style is! 

So,if you have not ventured over into the clothing, shoes or accessories sections of Target just allow yourself to wander on over. I betcha you come out with at least one item! It’s envitable! lol. 

Bravo, Targét. Bravo! 

xoxo Nikki M 

Blog Feature Image from http://www.inroads.org


Make-up lovers, beauty obsessers ad on-lookers alike , here we are again, another month, another Ipsy bag.

If you are new to my blog, first let me say Hi! 😀 Second, see this #OnWednesdayWeTalkIspy post if your are unfamiliar on what Ipsy is.

Dear Summer, where have you gone?  It seems as if I was just reviewing May’s Glam Bag yesterday.  Le sigh, nevertheless, here we are, so let’s jump right into my August Glam Bag because it’s a goodie.

Ipsy August Glam Bag
August Glam Bag Swag

The bag is absolutely gorgeous.  A beautiful water color painting of what looks like a beautiful blue haired mermaid princess getting primped and pampered, as a princess mermaid should! LOL.  As you can see my imagination is quite active.  BUT, tell me it doesn’t look like what I just described? I’ll wait……. LOL.
Inside of this gorgeous August make-up bag I received the following items:

Let’s start with the favorite out of this month’s bag.  The Peter Lamas Supreme Radiance Complexion Booster.

Peter Lamas Supreme Radiance Complex Booster

It is AH-mazing.  At first, I was taken a back by the dark pigmented lotion, but I was pleasantly surprised. I am very label description leery, but as it says on the tube, ” It’s for all skin types,” and they are correct!


As you can see in the video, it gives the skin an even glowy sheen.  It is said to “smooth wrinkles, illuminate the complexion and even the skin tone.” I would highly recommend it for those of us beauty mavens who prefer the less is more approach to make-up.  However, don’t fret my make-up slayers, this is also good for those of you who like to take a day off from the make-up slayage I KNOW you all serve daily.  It’s a very good beauty product.  Well worth the investment in your skin.  It is your best accessory after all.

Next up Trust Fund Beauty’s Lipgasm Liquid Lipstick in the shade “K, Bye.”

Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm Liquid Lipstick

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this brands whole concept.  From the name down to the names of their products.  They are cute, kitchy and everything trust fund bitchy! So Upper East Side Gossip Girl and I love it. This company from Canada nailed it!

This smooth silky matte lipstick is a cute pink/brown nude.  As seen in the color swatch, it is a tad to light, for my liking, for my summer chocolate tan skin tone, but I like it.  With a deeper brown lip liner, I’m positive it will blend well on darker skin tones.  However, overall I feel it will be suitable for all skin tones.  While it doesn’t have a fragrance like say a Kylie LipKit, its staying power is something to be noted.  Overall, a highly recommended lippy purchase.  I plan to purchase more colors in the VERY CLOSE upcoming future.

Next,  It Cosmetic’s No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner says it is “clinically proven waterproof all day!” and let me say that it is drunken Atlantic City night proven that it is waterproof and does not budge!

its Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

It lasted a trip to Wet Willie’s, a humid boardwalk, a night of
dancing at Harrah’s Pool After Dark and refused to move even after washing my makeup off before drifting to my happy place aka sleep.  It only came off after arriving back home to restore my skin’s PH Balance as I cleaned my face with apple vinegar. ( I use that s!8% on EVERYTHING. Future post coming 😉)  Needless to say this gel liner in black is the truth.  One of which I will purchase when this trial runs out.

Neogen Code 9 Gold Black Caviar Essence and Gold Tox Tightening Pack

Finally, the Neogen Code 9 Gold Black Caviar Essence and Gold Tox Tightening Pack by Soko Glam is a “trial kit with gold and black caviar, multivitamins and nature extracts.” It says it will exfoliate and renew rough skin. I have not used this yet as my skin is sensitive and I am on a strict regimen for my face.
There you have it love bugs! My August Glam Bag Swag. I hope you all got great samples as I did and have enjoyed trying them out.

Till next month.

xoxo Nikki M.


I’m sure you’ve seen this hashtag several times on social media platforms, but what does it mean to be a Brand Ambassador?

If you have not been asked or approached by a company or brand, here is a quick definition.

According to Wikipedia, a Brand Ambassador is ” a  person hired by an organization or company to represent a brand and increase awareness and sales.”  In simpler terms, the company/brand reaches out to you, offers an incentive for you to help “build” or bring awareness to their company/brand by posting about it on social media.  Of course every company/brand is different.  If you choose to accept their offer and agree to represent the company/brand, you normally will receive a discount code to offer to your followers, in hopes that they in-turn will use it to purchase an item from said company/brand.  There is usually a incentive given to you the more your code is used.  Again, each Brand Ambassador offer will vary.

Your job, not the hardest if you’re a picture taking social media obsessed woman like me, is to post photos of the item(s) or you and the item(s) on to the various social media outlets, hoping to bring attention to the company/brand and ultimately sales due to your promotion.

I have been fortunate enough to be asked by 3 brands via Instagram to represent and post about their products.

My first ambassadorship offer was from Mirina Collections based in New York.  They are an accessories brand that is known for its focus on statement necklaces.  In this case, I purchased a necklace at a discounted price and received a discount code to share with my followers.  I no longer am a ambassador for their brand but the necklace I received is one of my favorites on a dressy occasion.

Mirina Collection
Mirina Collection

Next to ask was Sol Theory.  Sol Theory is a sunglasses and accessories monthly subscription box company based out of California.  You sign up and every month you get a new box.  You have different options on what you can receive; you either get new sunglasses or both sunglasses and an accessory as they also sell those.  Since I am a sunnies (sunglasses) lover, I was super excited and more than willing to accept their offer.

Sol Theory July Box
Sol Theory August Box

I am absolutely in love with the sunglasses I have received so far and look forward each month to my new box. Like my first ambassadorship, I get a discounted code to share with my followers and an incentive each time my code is used.

Recently, I have accepted an offer from #OOTDLeggings / Creepy Leggings division.  Again, a brand after my own heart! The Creepy Leggings division specializes in all things creepy and cool.  From “The Tragedy of Hamlet” leggings, “Skulls and Roses” leggings to Pentagrams and Tim Burton, these leggings are so my style.  This was another brand I was super excited to be approached by and gladly accepted their offer.  Leggings are a staple in my wardrobe in many ways. Mix in skulls, roses and TIM BURTON (I love all things Tim Burton and skulls) and I am in there like swimwear! (LOL)  Like the previous 2 brands, I also get a discount code to share with my followers.

Skull and Roses Leggings
Skull and Roses Leggings
Skull and Roses Leggings

Now, for the answer to the million dollar question, Do I get paid? No. I do receive discounts and perks through the brands.

I don’t do this in the hopes of making money, if it does that’s fantastic. I do have a regular job that suits me just fine.  I do this for fun and as a hobby.  Blogging, posting on social media and representing brands is just a way to express a passion of mine.  So, it is more than humbling to have my style be noticed and have a brand see fit to post me on their social media outlets and have me represent them on mine.  To me it’s really cool, an awesome compliment and very much appreciated.

So my dear dear friends and followers SHOP!!!! Hey, I mean no one loses here. LOL. I get a discount and cool items, YOU get a discount and cool items.  Where is the downfall in that, besides perhaps your bank account balance? LOL. I will provide the codes for Sol Theory and #OOTDLeggins below so that balance in your bank account won’t go that low. ☺️

xoxo Nikki M.





…you may hate me but it ain’t no lie…

Did you sing it like Justin Timberlake back in the N’Sync days? I hope so because I totally did along with hand motion. (ya’ll know the move 😂)

Yes friends, foes and followers, I have de-blonded and returned to the darkside 😈. 

Do Blondes have more fun you ask? I would have to say it’s a different type of fun indeed. (The boys seem to like the blondes 😉) but, not to toot my own horn but “Toot Toot”/ Kanye to the max; I am pretty damn fun no matter what shade my hair is so Im not sure I am one to really judge. Lmao. But I digress..

I loved going blonde. I ran the gamut of the blonde hair palette this Summer 16. From a deep almondy blonde in the earlier months, to super blonde by the month of June then to a mellow golden blonde for the sultry month of July. I had a blast as a lil chocolate blondie this Summer.

Ahh Summer, if only it were to last forever in NJ. The Autumn wind is near and football is on TV, ( GO Raiders! 💀) so, I must return to my roots. 

The transition between blonde and brunette was experimental and fun as I love to make up colors or as I say, “see what happens.” 

I first went a smokey gun metal blue that I aptly named “Blue Steel ™” after the worlds most famous photographed model pose (😂 Ben Stiller) courtesy of Loreal Paris Féria Smokey Blue. I loved it. 

The Atlantic Ocean apparently did not and after a trip down the Jersey Shore one fine Sunday morning I lost a battle with a couple of waves and my hair color. (Waves 5 – Nikki 0) That left me a wonderful shade of ash grey. Diggin the “grandma vibe” (no offense) I kept it for a few days and rocked it out. What the hell, I kinda liked it. 

After a few days of grey,  I decided to pick up a box of Splat washable Purple dye and see what happend. LOL. Ask anybody who knows me, this is all factual. It turned out a pretty almost rose gold that I named “Rosie Rozay™.” I also loved that, so I chopped my hair to a bob and reveled in my rose gold till the end. 

From Rosie Rozay I went back to my natural roots; brown and curly.

Then from there I went a lil darker with the help of Loreal Féria Bright Black Dye. 

And there you have it folks, I’m back and brunette.

So good bye blonde, we had an awesome Summer. Cheers to great times, lazy beach waves and sun-made highlights. All wonderful memories.

Till next year my dearest blonde, or maybe we’ll meet up for some Ombré during the winter. (LOL)

xoxo Nikki M.

Feature Photo Cred: http://www.crushable.com/2012/02/09/relationships/cry-me-a-river-my-neverending-crush-on-justin-timberlake-228/


RUN! Turn back! You have ignored the caution tape and are almost too far into treacherous territory.

Like the purest form of heroin, I am blissful at first. Chasing the high, you ignore the jagged rocks and deep plummets while you frolic in the freshly cut, flower filled fields and bask in the sun’s rays.

So indulged in the beauty of the scenery, you fail to notice the lack of greenery as you chase. You fail to notice the cold air grazing your skin as you push forward.

LOOK! Please be observant, I beg of you.

The road beyond this blissful field is skewed, at times tight rope like. It may seem that only a skilled acrobat can accomplish such a feat, as you view the items from past journey’s unfinished along your way.

The air is thin and cold. The sun peeks out only to view the grey landscape, then disappear. Sometimes, your only moment of solace along the journey.

Here is where you can kick the habit. Abandon the journey. Turn around, bliss you think, can’t possibly be down this road. Do not fret if this your choice, the journey isn’t made for everyone. 

Choose to continue down this road and you will find it won’t be treacherous for long, although you may see no end in sight. There are greener pastures ahead; a new bliss.

Warmth from the sun to elevate the chill from the air during your journey. New shoes to replace the ones ruined to travel the skewed and jagged road you followed.

I also traveled this road. The same skewed treacherous road you traveled was  the trail made by me. My journey to my bliss; my happiness. My road to finding me.

Dear Future Husband, I wait at the end of this road.

The sun is bright and the scenery is a lushfully delightful green. Storms occur but, together we will take shelter. 

Dear Future Husband, take off your coat and shoes and rest in my arms and find solace in the sound of my heart beat. Your journey is over.

For the road you just traveled lead you to my heart. ❤️ -Nikki

xoxo Nikki M.   


It’s that time again my beauty luvah’s.  Ipsy Wednesday!! 😀  If you are not familiar with  Ipsy or this post please see my very first review #OnWednesdayWeTalkIpsy. This month, my glam bag was not late or lost so I thank the post office of Linden, NJ for delivering it to me correctly this month.
Anyway, let’s dig in! 

As per every month, I have received 5 samples of beauty products and I shall go over each one. If I have used the product, I shall give my opinion (that has never been an issue for me LOL). 

July Glam Bag Swag

This month’s bag is a cute holographic silver with umbrella print on the front. Ipsy never lets me down in my makeup bag options.

Let’s look at each item. 

Vasanti MakeUp Brush

First up is a Vasanti Makeup Brush. Honestly, I know NOTHING about makeup brushes. I don’t really wear that much makeup and the make up I do use a brush to apply is bronzer or highlighter. I am assuming, so those of you brush inclined please help educate me, that this is an eyeshadow applicator brush. Two reasons I guessed that; one its tiny and angled. Two, I also received an eyeshadow in this month’s glam bag, so I’m assuming (again LOL). A little deduction of clues here. I have not and most likely will not use the brush. I will add it to my collection. 

That leads me to the next product. 

Meet Matt(e) Trimony
Marriage Matt(e)rial

💋 The Balm Cosmetics makes this eyeshadow with the very cute and kitschy name. I don’t use much eyeshadow as I am bronzer, lashes and highlighter obsessed. I feel that’s way more than enough for me. However, on the occasion that I want to get fancy and not be the glittery bronzy slay goddess I am (LOL, YEA, I said it 😂), I think I might try this understated matte look. Stay tuned for that post on Instagram. 

Next up is one of my favorite out of the samples. I will gush over it in a second, let me drop this pic first…

Delectable Leom Cream Hand Cream

This hand cream made by Cake Beauty is amazeballs! I cannot express in a normal cute way how this smells , so excuse me when I say, this smells f*•#%+~ng DELICIOUS! I mean that’s it. It literally smells like a warm piece of lemon cake. I want to eat my hands every single time. It smells so good that I have literally put it on like 3 coworkers while intensely discussing it’s fantastic smell with another Ipsy convert coworker I have. I love it. It’s currently in my bag and you can find it on my IG page as well. Awesome product. 

On to the last two products that I have not yet used as I just got the bag last week, but I think I am going to use them in a Batman and Robin kinda way during my mini spa session this Sunday. Hopefully.

Palmetto Facial Mask

If you’ve been following my blog, or sneaking to read it cause your nosey 😉 (ya’ll are welcome too) you know that one of my goals besides #DayTrippin is to make it to the beach every Sunday. So far I have only missed 2 Sunday’s so my skin is always is need of rejuvenation after the beach and I think that although these items are not necessarily a combo used for what I’m planning to do, I think it might work out. 

Palmetto Skin Care makes the Rejuvinating Antioxidant Mask. It’s a soft clay mask, parabens and phthalates free, that is suppose to give a cooling effect while purifying , absorbing antioxidants and brightening and softening the skin. Perfect after a sunny day on the beach and a good home made olive oil and sugar. Very excited to try. 

If my lil bout of never ending excema ends, I will definitely try out Too Faced Cosmetics. If not, I will have to stick to my same facial routine as I have been doing. This light cream is intended to be a make up primer but since it is coconut water based and is said to “promote elasticity and hydrate” it can’t hurt to see what it can do with out the use of makeup.  Here’s praying to the skin God s that they allow my face to heal. *bows head and ask for forgiveness for whatever wrong I have done* LOL. I definitely will letcha know how that works out.

So there you have it, July’s Glam Swag. I hope you all got items you enjoy as much as I did.  Till next Ipsy Wednesday my loves 😘. 

xoxo Nikki M.


To slay, according to the Urban Dictionary, means to kill it, succeed in something amazing.

Some believe that to “slay,” one must be dripped in designer clothing, hang out with the who’s who of the “it” crowd or be a replica of Beyoncé or a Kardashian/Jenner (Pick, one, either one will do.  NOT TRUE! Although, being Beyoncé does help. LOL.

In the famous words of the Queen of Slayage herself, I SLAY! I slay at work, at neighborhood BBQ’s, at baby showers, birthday parties, weddings and christenings. Hell I even slay at a Superbowl Party. LOL.

I say this to say that no matter where I go, I always put forth my best self.  Whether it’s a “formal slay” such as a wedding or a “casual slay” such as a BBQ , please believe that my outfit was planned, coordinated and timed to detonate style on cue.

Also, know that while I do own an exorbitant amount of designer items and feel that Nordstrom is Heaven on Earth, most of my slayage arsenal is purchased from completely affordable main chain stores like Target (Targét if ya fancy), Old NavyForever 21 and Steve Madden.  I am a firm believer in it not being the cost of the items you wear but how you wear them.  A mix of high priced and low items is definitely the way to go but your most important accessory is your confidence.

My outfit may consist of something as simple as an Old Navy tank top, jeans from Target (Mossimo Supply Co) paired with a Michael Kors watch and bag.  There may be a woman in this same exact outfit, sitting right next to me, but the difference will be out own unique spin on the outfit; our style; or for this posts sake; our slayage.

Make up, clothes and jewlery dont make a person, they help , but it’s ones personality, their own personal flair, that makes all the difference.

You should believe, as I do, that NO ONE can wear or do anything like you.  The moment you believe that, others will follow.  Self love is a powerful thing.

Ok, so how do you slay you ask?  There is only one step, love yourself,  The rest will follow.  Kanye your day everyday.  Love yourself like Kanye loves himself and occasionally as much as he loves North and Saint (Sorry Kim, LOL). Man an entrance when you enter a room as if the paparazzi is outside awaiting your exit.

Whether in school in your sweats, an at home Mom caring for kids, at work in your uniform of office attire or simply just walking the streets. Hold your head up high, know that NO ONE does it quite like you. Know there is NO ONE else in this world exactly like you, even if you are a twin!

My loves, go slay because you can.  Why not? Trust me it’s fun, and if you’re a lil extra like me, Kimmy K it (Kim Kardashian), take a selfie, post that s!#* with the caption #ISlay *Beyonce Voice*, because sweethearts you do, we all do.

xoxo Nikki M.


Hello luvah’s 💋, welcome to another session of what’s most important, my favorite things! Yes, I have a slight case of narcisscism. I am aware.

Today, I will go over 3 essential parts of my daily skin care routine. Two of the items you have already seen on previous posts, but that’s the point, DUH, they’re my favs. LOL.

When I am not a delicious mealinin filled color of cocoa and my skin isn’t filled with the greatness of Vitamin D that the sun offers me, my under eye skin is the bane of my existence. Dark circles along with a combination of a vampire’s sleep pattern and shall I dare say, aging 😱, have found me concentrating on the area under my eyes a lot more these days.  Hence, why 2 out of my 3 favorite items today will be for the area under the eyes. 

Perfectly Posh Impish Eyes

First up, Perfectly Posh Impish Eyes De-Puffing Eye Serum. No real in depth explanation need here, it does exactly what it says. It de-puffs my 2am bedtime/7am bed rise sleep pattern puffy eyes. ( I am a perpetual night owl.)

After washing my face, I apply directly to mostly dry skin immediately.  This serum is like a light gel. I apply it from the orbital bone, (Check out my Willy P education kicking in LOL), which is the bone below your eye, up to right below my lower lash line. I let it sit and allow my skin to soak up the caffeine that jump starts the de-puffing. I find applying a cold and/or frozen spoon a couple minutes after applying the serum helps tremendously. (Thank you to the girls at Gregg’s Beauty Supply for that tip). Anything to decrease the odds of me looking like a sad puffy raccoon.

Botanics Eye Serum Triple Age Renewal

Next, is a new find I came across recently on a trip to Walgreens for nothing in which I should have been in the isle in which this product is sold. LOL. I obvi have a problem. I am also aware of this one too. 

Anywho, this Triple Age Renewal Eye Serum by Botanics is a great lil burst of skin revitliazation for the under eye. 

This product is a smooth cream that “reduces the appearance of deep lines, wrinkles and puffiness.” That it does indeed! With a combination of Vitamins A, C , E and the plant extract of Purple Orchid, it really does improve the tightness of the skin. Now, unlike the Perfectly Posh product, this is not a quick fix. It is intended to improve skin elasticity over a period of time. On most of the reviews I have read, most people see results between 3 to 4 weeks. You are to apply it once in the morning and once again at night. I, personally, have been using it for 2 weeks and have noticed tighter, more full under eye skin. So, so far so good. Nikki 1, Sleepy Puffy Eyes 0.

Last, but never least, my all time favorite product for months on end now since I received a sample in an Ipsy bag, OGX Argan Oil of Morocco In-Shower Oil.

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco In-Shower Oil

When I tell you that I use this for and on every part of my body it isn’t a joke! I use it in my hair daily & during deep conditioning, in the shower, in my bath water, mixed in with my lotion and even on the beach to replenish the moisture after a dip in the ocean. It literally goes everywhere with me and on me. LOL. 

It’s super light weight, smells amazing, and hydrated and repairs all that it touches. For $9 bucks at your nearest drug store, you cannot beat it. It is the oil of the Gods I tell you ❤️.

If your eyes are looking and feeling a tad vulnerable these days, 😂, I highly suggest the two products reviewed for a quick boost for your under eye skin.

The OGX oil is simply LIFE to skin, hair and nails. I thank Ipsy for that awesome find.

So there ya have it loves, a few of my favorite things. 

xoxo Nikki M.


Hello from the comfort of my bed. (LOL)

Wait!  Don’t leave me, I’m not rubbing it in, ok, maybe a little, don’t be salty. I was just establishing my location. Don’t be mad, see the way my vacation days were set up, this is how it turned out.

Ok, you know why I’m here *Marshawn Lynch voice.* (Google NFL, Marshawn Lynch if you have no clue what that reference is about.)

Do you feel tired?  Does the idea of working from home sound amazeballs right now? Does going back to work after lunch break sound like death? Do you with life had a rewind button? (Duh, we all do and not just for the reason I  write next.)  Feel it, embrace it, it’s a sign of a good time had.

Ahh, America, your birthday is always a rager and as usual, I had a blast.  The recovery is real USA, and you have the most awesome birthday parties. Thank you for the automatic invite, you’re the best.

Well, what did you guys do this past weekend?  I did alot of simple fun things that made for an awesome 4th of July Weekend.

I went to see Independence Day Resurgence and The Legend of Tarzan both in 3D in our hometown AMC Theater.  Both were really good movies if you are into action like me, but I was partial to Tarzan due to my love for Eric Northman (Shout out to my Trubies, ya’ll know what I mean.)

I was able to get plenty of DTS time (DTS=Down The Shore, LOL, insert a you know you’re in Jersey when meme.)  I got to visit Sea Bright Beach, had lunch on the beach in Long Branch at Avenue with “Young Jenner” (You Must Subscribe to my Snap Chat to understand LOL, Snap Chat name Nima_W) and round my beach time up at my normal stop at Sandy Hook Beach with my fav lil family.

Sea Bright Beach


Lunch at Avenue
My sisters and I braved the rain, yes braved people, hello, my hair was straight for goodness sake, for the always beautiful Nomehegan Park fireworks display near our hometown and finally today is my day of recovery. A great weekend had, spent with great family and friends.

Even more importantly, I was able to get in all my patriotic fashion ensembles, which made me a very happy girl.

In my spare time I also tested Kylie Jenner’s promise to have her site stocked enough to survive the weekend and she held to her promise. (High Five Kylie.)  While her newly released shades Freedom, Kymajesty and Skylie sold out quickly, you were still able, and can still as I type, purchase a lipkit or gloss on her site.  Of course the most popular shades are gone by now, the release was Friday.  However, I was able to purchase King K Metals gloss on Saturday and there are several kits, metals and glosses available still.  I know, I swore I the last Kylie Lip Kit review was my last.  SMH, I could not resist the gold and it will finish my Metals collection as I am not interested in the blue hue of Kymajesty.

As today is my recovery day, I will rechadrge my battery by laying in bed writing this blog, catching on my missed television shows and playing the Sims 3 on my laptop.  In other words, nerding and vegging out.

I hope you all got in some great times, made great memories and spent your weekend of America’s Birthday with the people you love most, because after all, that is what a holiday is all about. OH, and retail therapy, LOL, cannot forget that.

Let the memories of the great weekend past power you through your hangover today.  May the force be with you my friends.

xoxo Nikki M.