First blog post

#OHSHEBLOGSTOO The Beginning of STYLE-ish

When thinking of names for this blog, I thought of catchy ones, cute ones, sexy ones… you know, ones that will make you, at the very least, click on the link and read this sentence. Then I thought, what would I say to a person who tells me that they started a new blog. In all my sarcastic glory, I say to my self, with air quotations and the annoyed “resting bitch” face, “Oh, she blogs too”  followed by an eye roll. LOL.  With that here I am, sarcasm and all and yes, I blog too!

About what you ask? Everything, anything and nothing. Pretty much covers all possible topics, hence the name STYLE-ish.  Fashion is the sun in my world, but my world consists of much more than the beautiful sun rays of shoes, clothes and purses. By the way shoes, clothes and purses are LIFE! (LOL)

So join my wonderful world of suburbia where I will give a glimpse of the people, places and things that tickle my fancy.

Stay tuned, Its just my world and I’d like you to live in it.

xoxo Nikki M






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