Or as my favorite artist of all time Jay-Z would say “Cough up a lung where you from, Linden son, aint nothing nice!”

I reside in a city called Linden in New Jersey.  Home of the states best sliders, oil companies and chemical plants.

Linden, New Jersey

Linden is a city, although it feels like a suburban bubble, found only 30 minutes by train or car from the BEST city in the world, New York City.  It is an eclectic mix of cultures where you can find one of the biggest Polish Markets next to a Caribbean Restaurant and a Portuguese bakery not far away.  This mix of cultures and has influenced me greatly, whether from the food I eat, the people I encounter, to the styling of clothes I wear; I love my city.  I love my state.  There is no place like home, no matter how far I roam.

New York City’s proximity also has a tremendous impact on my lifestyle.  So close to pulse of the fashion world, its inevitable that the fashion bug bites you every now and then.

Oh, and I’ve been bitten.  Call me the Sookie of Linden, New Jersey. Here my friends, is where it all started……….



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