Now that you have read a little about me and where I am from, lets get to a few of my favorite things!

Currently I have a new found obsession with beauty products.  Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Facial Moisturizer…you name it I’m trying it.

Here are a few of my favs…

Ahh, this obsession is real.  I already have an obsession with lipstick and lip gloss and this Kylie Jenner Lip Kit is EVERYTHING!  I will not lie, at first I was super skeptical.  I mean, how much could Kylie Jenner know about lip stick and gloss, right?  Well, turns out she knows A LOT!

My first purchase was about 1 month ago, when finally, after about a month of trying, I was able to get on the website and acquire TrueBrown K.  I was delighted as it arrived way quicker than the 10-15 business days they tell you and super excited to try it on.

The packaging is very cute and compact with the box that includes a separate smaller box with the liquid lipstick and lip liner in a smaller box.  All are easy to open.

The lipstick smells amazing! It has this sweet smell that reminds you of candy.  The quality of both the liner and lipstick are top-notch.  I use matte lipstick and glosses a lot and the problem I have come across is longevity, but not here. I was pleasantly surprised when I could drink my morning tea and eat breakfast and still have lipstick on by lunch time.  Or, go out on the town for a night of slight debauchery and yet still TrueBrown K was by my side. LOL. This my friends is matte lipstick heaven and so the obsession began.

Today I received my Kourt K lip kit and I am not disappointed, in fact, I am more impressed.  I like this color more than the first.  While the TrueBrown K, for me, is my ultimate bare-faced look necessity, Kourt K is a vampy vixen burgundy, perfect for a night out or a pop of color during the day.

I know some naysayers will turn a nose up at this post just because of who she is alone, but TRUST ME, the wait and the hype are worth it.  I highly suggest stopping by http://www.kyliecosmetics.com and TRYING, to get yourself a Kylie Lip Kit. You will not be disappointed.  I am currently trying to acquire Reign, one of her liquid lipstick Metals.  Wish me luck ya’ll.

Till next post xoxo Nikki M


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