Yes, that is my actual email and any pop culture savy lady knows that email is derived from the #1 shoe goddess herself, Carrie Bradshaw, played by the shoe slayist Sarah Jessica Parker. SJP if ya trendy.

So, yesterday if you were an observant reader you have now learned that I am high key obsessed with stick or gloss of any kind. LOL. We’ll delve deeper into that shopping problem more and more as we review more beauty products.

However, shoes. Shoes my friend, are my most favorite things of all! I am what they would call a shoe connoisseur aka a shoe whore, but I prefer the first. Now, I do not discriminate.  I own anything from $300 Vince Camuto’s to $10 Target sandals. Any shoe is game. All is fair in love and shoes.

I especially have a love affair with heels and my first love, is Steve Madden.

See, once upon a time, long ago there was a girl named Nikki who dressed like the lost member of TLC with baggy pants and Janet Jackson braids, LOL. If you have a sense of humor and grew up in the 90’s you know exactly what I mean and you’d be chuckling, if not, I’m not sure what to tell ya. Maybe I’ll share on a TBT (Throw Back Thursday).

Anyway, Steve Madden was my first foray into the world of recognizing my inner Kimyonce LMAO! OMG sometimes I have to laugh at myself! No people I am only 1/2 serious, but, his heels were and still are my go to for sexy night on the town comfort heels all in one.  My second runner up, Jessica Simpson! Hey Girl HEY! Sorry, that’s me assuming she will be reading this.

I think the key to any outfit is a shoe.  I start most of my outfit planning around the shoe I will buy and build up.  Notice, I said the shoe I will buy and not the shoe already in my closet. Yep, I have a problem with shoes too. Ehh, we all have problems LOL.

I think a great shoe, whether it be a heel, flat or sandal can make or break an outfit.  It is your 2 most important accessory next to your personality.  No shoe can help you if your boring, *kanye shrug* sorry, but it’s true.  I feel a shoe is actually an extension to your personality.  They can capture a mood if your pair them right.  AHH, shoes are life.

So ladies, indulge in your shoe shopping! If you work hard, in whatever you do, do not be shoe shamed! You deserve that shoe. Go for it. (That is the pep talk I give myself as I walk into Nordstrom. LOL.)

xoxo Nikki M


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