Ha! OK, ok, first off I know ya’ll are like “WTF is a hairformation?” and no, it’s not a remix to Beyonce’s Formation but kudos if that was your first guess!

A hairformation is when you completely change your hair style over a short period of time.

See, I feel hair is another form of an accessory; another form of expression.  It can enhance your look or ruin your look. Hair can create a mood and tell a story.  It can create a conversation and give a sneak peek into a person’s personality.

Hair my friend is sacred. People cry, pay and fight over the matter of hair.  These are facts.  I view my tresses as a way to express my personality.  Like my shoes, my hair expresses my mood and is an important ingredient to my style.  Side note to people, buns mostly mean us women didn’t feel like investing the time or didn’t have the time to do our hair and while this is ok with us most of the time, I will tell your that it  almost certainly means the woman is not in the mood for whatever you are talking about or trying to accomplish, proceed with caution. LOL.  #bunlife.

I’m a hands on DIY kinda girl , so I have dyed my hair every color I can possibly achieve. Pink, green, purple, blue; you name it I’ve probably tried it, but I will admit that any shade of Berry or Purple is my spirit color. Hair colors bring out different personalities in me. Just like a filter on Snap Chat different parts of my personality pop depending on my hair shade.  When I return to the dark side my sexy side comes out. When I’m a red head or a purple head my fun playful side is more in play.  When it’s a crazy unconventional shade, it’s usually an indication of boredom and my attempt to loose that funky feeling.

People, I have had a hairformation. This time around though I decided to see if blondes have more fun. I’ve gone blonde! The one color I have never thought to go.  Come to the light side my child, said the Hair Gods, and I replied, “F it, Ok!” LOL.  It took a couple of weeks but I have made it and I must say this color is fun.  It has brought out this super fun, flirty side of me that I must say, Mama likey!  I also have gotten several complements on the final product and the colors through the hairformation to arrive at the final destination.  So, needless to say, I am a HAPPY blonde girl.

The fact is, its just hair.  Don’t be afraid to switch it up.  If you want to go pink go pink. Don’t be fearful of other’s thoughts.  If you love the skin your in, it will radiate and others will follow suit. You don’t need affirmation to make a transformation.  Just do it!

Thanks to http://www.lorealparisusa.com for the help to my final destination BLONDE.

xoxo Nikki M.


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