For those of you who donot live in the United States or do but have no idea why you have attended 4 barbecues this weekend. Let me first explain what the holiday Memorial Day is.

Memorial Day (Me•mo•ri•al Day) is a reserved day in which we remember those whose lives were lost in active military duty.

Now while that may put a damper on your turn up, just remember nothing is free and somewhere a family is incomplete so we can party and go to the beach. That should always take precedence. I thank them for their sacrifice and send love to those families this day is meant to embrace.

Now, for most of us it is a day we don’t have to say hello to our bosses and coworkers and fall deeply in love with out bed and Netflix as we have barbecued and beached it up since Friday.

Today I just wanted to first share my appreciation and understanding of the day. Second, show off a lil fashion 🙄 DUH, lol, have you not noticed my small but infinite obsession with myself and fashion?! LOL. No? Well, I suggest you follow my IG stat (_nikki_m).

Anyway, in themed with this weekend I tried to keep my looks oh so American and Miltary themed. From ensemble (said like Mariah Carey on MTV Cribs, Google it LOL) color coordination, camouflage to the actual flag; I had an awesome time celebrating the holiday through style and with great friends and family.

Here are a few of my looks.

I also spent some quality time with at a very nice country club that is 10 minutes from my house that I didn’t even know existed! I now have the plug 🔌 (the hook up for those not hip hop inclined) .

I mean did you see that?! I am in love. ❤️

I am not a member and attended as a guest but Shackamaxon Country Club’s pool is a little slice of heaven in my local surburban world and I hear also has a great golf club (I do not play nor know anything of golf so that is second hand info). I am seriously considering a membership. http://www.shackamaxoncc.com

I, also attended a fantastic barbeque at my dearest friend and author Livia or as you may know her as http://www.liviajamerlan.com. If not, get to know her, click the link. Not only is she a bomb.com host she also is an awesome writer. I’ll be blogging about her soon, stay tuned 😉
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend such as I did filled with fun, appreciation and lots of great food.

Till next post.

xoxo Nikki M.


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