The bun; a hairstyle in which the hair is drawn into a tight coil at the back, middle, or top of the head.  Ahh, but bun life my friends, this is slightly different.

Yes, it still consists of a bun.  However, Bun Life is a trendy pop cultural term used mainly by women.  Its definition can be completely different from one woman to the next.

A general definition of Bun Life would be a style of hair for women that most often represents a mood and or state of mind.  The messier the bun the more or less complex this definition can be.  Again, we are women and complexity is our thing right? LOL.

I however, can only speak for this woman, and for me, a messy bun usually indicates a crazy day, i.e. no time to do my hair or it can mean a lazy day, i.e. I do not care to do my hair.  Of course, as explained, this can come with various levels of moods from relaxed, playful and happy all the way to annoyed, aggy and IDGAF levels of sarcasm.  If you know me, then you already know its best to gauge my vibe like hot bath water or proceed with caution while I am rocking a messy bun because usually it’s the later of the two scenarios.

Buns are also a way for me to do my hair, but without too much effort, but make it look effortless.  Sounds complicated, but I call the look “Effortless Chic,” as I’m sure most of the beauty world does as well. LOL, I am no hair master people.

From a normal bun, to a braided bun, to Princess Leia Organa buns (that was a Star Wars reference for those not in the know).  Sidebar:  I am not in the know, I Googled it. Buns are a cute, fun way to skimp on the hair primp but also show a creative side all while showing your fierce facial features; a win/win in my  book.

In reality, a Bun Life is a trendy hash tag for a vibe that the hairstyle brings.  Whether you braid it, pin it up, adorn it in jewels or just throw it up there on top of your head, the bun is LIFE!

It’s a stayed and true style so, as long as there is “that time of the month,” rainy days and bad hair cuts the bun will be forever. LOL. Live long and prosper to the bun.

xoxo Nikki M.


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