Hello, welcome to your last 24 hours of blissfully boss free, phone fee, people and coworker free time 😀. For shortly your alarm, the 5th one if you’re anything like me, will be blaring and you will be swearing. Ahhhh, #%~! Monday’s   (Insert Favorite Curse Word); everyone’s nemesis. If you are working today I send my condolences.

Wait, before we all get aggy, it’s still SUNDAY, and let us all rejoice!

Now, we should all be familiar, by now, with the term #SundayFunday, but if you’ve had a #TewMuchSaturday (inside joke), you won’t be spending too much time having fun on Sunday. LOL. (Sunglasses and Advil-Yeezy Voice)

Sunday is the day of rest. The world moves fast and for some reason, Sunday, is the day we are to just take a minute, breathe and be unaware and live in the moment. 

Whether your moment is Netflix binging one of your favorite shows in bed (🙋🏾 currently watching Bloodline), getting spiritual or in tune with your religion of choice, getting fit in the gym, cleaning your house, gardening or spending time with loves ones, Sunday’s are made for living. So take it all in work army, we only get one.

If you have the luxury of a #LazySunday take advantage. Make sure your version of it is so great that Sunday actually does seem like time ticks a little slower and life is just a little bit sweeter, if only for 24 hours.

xoxo Nikki M.

  • Phrase tew much coined by my Spirit Animal.. Lol.
  • Feature Image by @TipsyBartender on IG

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