#LashingOut 👁

No, this is not a post about physically lashing out at people about something that upsets me, although, I am well known for that, LOL. This is a post about my foray and now love affair into lash extensions.

For a couple of years now, I have been flirting with the ideas of lash extensions or the genre of lashes in general. Now, I already, knew a full set of complete lashes was out of the question. I am the girl who will end up at the end of the night with my lash on my cheek looking like a delapitated spider waiting to pounce on my face. Cue me then screaming, cause I look down and instantly believe it’s a spider 😂. These are facts people. Spiders are not my favorite species. However, I digress.

I had a beautiful young co-worker who had gotten hers done and they were so beautiful and natural looking so had to investigate. I was already tip toeing around the pool.

She informed me they were lash extensions and allowed me to examine in true girl power style. My intrigue peaked, I asked where did she get them done. She replied, “I know a girl…” Let me tell you, those who are referenced to you starting with the phrase “I know a girl/guy…” are normally always Bomb.com in whatever they are being referred for. I found my manicurist that way and she is amazeballs! We will get to her in later posts.

With this new Intel acquired, I began to do some more research.

Lash extensions are a service and product that lengthens and thickens your own natural eyelashes. Lash Extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. They are applied to each individual natural eyelash one by one for a natural, beautiful and luscious look. Eyelash Extensions are perfect for special occasions or for day to day wear. (www.lashedout.com)

Anyway, now walking down the steps into the pool of obsession this will be, armed with more info, I asked pricing. Well, let me tell you this pool water was f*%#ing cold! Like any Northern East Coaster going to the beach in June knows; the water looks pretty but it’s cold as hell! Facts!

So metaphorically speaking, I ran back to the comfort of my warmth (mascara) and decided maybe lashes weren’t for me.

I lied. LOL 😂. About one month ago I gave into my curiosity and went visit “The Girl”  who gently and informatively broke my lash extension virginity. It was a lovely experience. 😉

Mascara Only
No Makeup
L A S H E S ❤️
Lashes and MUA ❤️

Now I am hooked and in love! (Cue the joke where men say this always happens. Now, insert my eye roll LOL)!

This service is the best and I believe I have found one of the nicest and sweetest Estheician you can find! (❤️ Natalie)

Not only are my lashes full and lush all day every day; if you are a person who is into the face beat in the A.M., even though I am not one, I highly recommend a foray into lash extensions. I have found it cuts down your make-up  appliance time due to not needing eyeliner or mascara, which if your like me is fantastic because you must have a “wing of perfection” my liquid eyeliner queens lnow exactly what I mean. 🙌🏾

Yes, I will not lie, it’s not a cheap obsession. I rarely have those, those are no fun LOL)

However if you are into makeup and have a lil extra money in the paycheck or can save up for a lil extra splurge I highly suggest investing in at least one visit.

As my best friend told me, as I asked for her advise of course, the only down side is you will be addicted. She is always so prophetic. LOL.

So go lash out my friends.

xoxo Nikki M

  • Definition of Lash Extensions provides by the FAQ page on http://www.lashoutpro.com
  • My lashes were done by the lovely Russian beauty @natalie_lashes on IG (Instagram.com). Her contact information is in her bio. 🙂

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