“Cheers to the freakin’ weekend I’ll drink to that yeaaa yeaaaaah!” – Slay Queen Rihanna

So no, we will not be discussing the music stylings or any stylings for that matter, of the singer the Weeknd. No, that will not be a later post. Lol.

This post is about the actual days of the week called Saturday and Sunday who form a dynamic duo similar to Batman and Robin, with a glorious 1 to punch of 48 hours of work free fun. Well at least for most.

It’s where the sayings “It’s 5 O’clock somewhere” and “F*%! it” meet up and have drinks. LOL! (Now that’s a party.)

I am a member of the “Saturday Work Mob,” those of us who have to work on the weekend, so my weekend time is slightly shorter.

For those members of the “Parents Club,” I salute you. While your weekends may be slightly different then I might describe, claim the night Parent World! It is yours for the taking!! LOL! Babies to bed at 8pm! (Chop chop) 

However, for most, the weekend is a time for fun, relaxation and catching up on things you missed during the week; like your sanity and network TV 😂. 

My weekends usually include naps, Sunday’s down Shore (at the beach for non New Jersey readers), fun nights out at Central Park (http://centralparknj.com) and memorable times with my friends and family.

This year for the Summer I pledged to complete the following tasks:

  1. Go down the shore every Sunday. (I ❤️ the beach.)
  2. Take at least one mini road trip once a month.

So far so good. I made it to Sandy Hook  (www.sandy-hook.com) last weekend and this weekend I will be traveling to Boston for a lil day trip to the Musuem of Fine Arts (http://www.mfa.org) for the #TechStyle exhibit and all things nerdy. I am very excited as I have never been to Boston or Massachussets for that matter (it’s against my football and baseball religion; Raiders/Yankees) and I hear this exhibit is awesome. So it’s a win win all around. I of course will blog about it.

Time flies mís amigos (my friends; my Spanglish is POPPIN 😂) so enjoy whatever moments you can create in the 48 hours we refer to as THE WEEKEND. 

Enjoy ❤️

xoxo Nikki M.


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