The day trip, so Siri tells me and as defined  by Google, is a journey or excursion completed in one day.

This past Sunday I took a day trip from my world of all things suburban up to Boston, Massachusetts. This is one place I thought I’d never frequent do to my sports fan affiliations, lol, BUT am I OH so glad I took the trip.

I traveled the 4 hours, by car, by myself (yes, I’m all grown up now 😂) to the beautiful part of Boston near Fenway Park that is the home of the Museum of Fine Arts for the #TechStyle exhibit and let me say it was well worth the traveling.

I met up with a friend there who currently lives in Boston for school and explored most of what the beautiful  MFA had to offer, but most importantly the #TechStyle exhibit. 

Not knowing what to expect at all, I went in with a clean pallet, an open mind and a great friend who allowed me to be in fashion heaven and wonder through this awesome exhibit like a child in Toys R Us without flinching or complaining. ( I appreciate that 💕)

After reading an explanation of the exhibit which goes on to explain that it a forward look into the future of the fashion industry with “Clothes that respond to the environment, made from recycled materials and or 3-D printed ready to wear fabrics.” It is to get the mind to explore the “Synergy between technology and fashion,” and it holds true to its promise. 

From American fashion icon Michael Kors, to Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake to forever missed fashion legend Alexander McQueen this exhibit touched upon and peaked all of the 5 senses while showing the integration of fashion and technology seamlessly.


As you can see, the work is beautiful and extremely unique.  If you are a fashion lover as I am, this exhibit will give you LIFE!

I highly suggest if you can make it to the Musuem of Fine Arts soon please do. This exhibit is only on display till July 10, 2016. 

Don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to take a day trip!

xoxo Nikki M.

Video by pop artist Vicktoria Modesta http://www.viktoriamodesta.com

All photos and videos are from and belong to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. http://www.mfa.org


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