Do you feel slightly saddened by the fact that it is Monday? Have you replayed a weekend moment or rehashed a story at your office water cooler to your co-worker? If yes, you may be suffering from what I call the Sunday Funday Blues.

Ah, Monday our most hated nemesis on #TheWeekend. What a cruel cruel joke Saturday and Sunday play on us! The come down from the dynamic duo of the weekend is no fun! Yet, we always return. 

If you are like me, as you sit at your desk, ride to work or are eating lunch on break, I’m sure you have or are currently reliving some sublime part of your past weekend that just makes you smile. If not and your weekend was sh*#!, I’m sorry 😕. Bright side, another weekend is 4 days away (3 if you are me *eye wink*), and you will have the extra bonus of a 3 day weekend if you are in the United States as it is our BIRTHDAY (YAY) 🇺🇸. If this is not your case, again, my sincerest apologies. Lol. You can’t win them all right? 

My Sunday Funday was a great one. I made it again to the beach with my little sister aka Young Jenner (LMAO you must follow my SnapChat). We went to our normal spot; Lot D at Sandy Hook and soaked up the sun. Keeping my vow to make it to the beach every Sunday this Summer.

 I finished up my night with a viewing party of 3 for the season finale of Game of Thrones which is one of my FAVORITE shows! (TeamStark and TeamKhaleesi) Overall an excellent ending to my weekend.

I hope you utilized your Sunday to the best of your abilities my friends. Stop and live this thing we call life. It’s a present that can’t be regifted.

So like I’ve said in previous posts, even if for 5 minutes of peace and serenity to find your life (yes, you can lose it LOL), the down time is needed for sure if not just for sanity purposes alone.

Let us countdown to our next 48 hours of freedom! Come on Friday, we miss you! 😘

xoxo Nikki W 


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