Hello luvah’s 😘 !  It’s  that Wednesday of the month my friends, Ipsy Wednesday!

YES! I know I am super duper late. However, I was one of those unfortunate souls this month who’s bag didn’t make it in time.( 😩 sigh) I digress, it is here now and all is well with my Ipsy world, so let’s dive into what I got in my June Glam Bag.

First, let me say these makeup bags are the cutest! I love switching out makeup bags and Ipsy always gives me great options!

On to the swag. As usual I got an array of items.

Frank Body Original Body Scrub
Urban Decay Lounge Eye Shadow
Be a Bombshell Cosmetics
Colour Pop Crème Gel Liner

Since I received this just last week I have not yet gotten to try all the products.

I love Urban Decay Cosmetics, however eye shadow is not my thing, so I am not too sure I will use it. It is a “trippy” duo-tone hue that changes from variants of green and red. If I’m feeling a lil Badgal RiRi I just might attempt this. 😜

Ahhh Colour Pop how I love thee! Not only do they make bomb.com lip glosses and my ultimate fav matte liquid lipsticks (aside from Kylie Jenner, LOL) but they clearly have the recipe for great gel liner as well.

This color called Swerve, comes in a box that has a blue-turquoise color but this is how it appears on my skin tone. Almost black. I am not sure if that is the goal, but I will say that the staying power of this liner is amazing.

The Be a Bombshell gloss is very nice. The color is called Secret. It s a very nude pink that has hints of coconut in its scent. It’s super light weight and not sticky or tacky at all. Although, alone it is slightly too light for my skin tone, I found that applied lightly, like in the photo below, or with a slightly darker lip liner this does work well darker tones.

Lastly, the one item I am dying to use and waiting for my next #ManicMonday to do so is the Frank Body Original Body Scrub. 😍 I am a sucker for body scrubs and muds and this seems like it will be divine. I will be sure to update you on it as I’m sure after this upcoming weekends activities I will be needing this on #RecoveryTuesday LOL.

So there ya have it folks. The June Ipsy Glam Bag. I hope you all received yours!

xoxo Nikki M.

For more information on Ipsy go to https://www.ipsy.com/glambag/


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