My fellow Americans, it is with great pleasure that I announce the start of our country’s birthday celebration weekend, aka, 4th of July Weekend! Also, the start of my 5 day staycation (staying home but off from work). 

Sometimes, Mother Nature is cruel and gives us horrible weather. However, this Summer 16 (see Drake lyrics) the weather will be beautiful! Well, at least in NJ. Lol. 

So what does this mean? For those of you who are off today like me 😎, or on a vacation ( like me 😎 LOL) it means beach time while others work. For most it means a weekend of pool parties, BBQ’s, beach adventures, amusement parks, boardwalks and fireworks. It means FOOD, street fairs and unlimited patriotic clothing. It means, well, it means it’s party time!

As I get ready to beach it up this morning at Long Branch Beach and Avenue (I am becoming a hardcore beach bum) I hope you all have fantastic plans to celebrate the birth of America.

Till Tuesday my friends, enjoy the birthday celebrations safely and I will report back with all of this weekends shananagins. 

Happy 4th of July Weekend America, Let’s Get’R Done! 🇺🇸 

MERICA’ let the birthday celebrations begin

xoxo Nikki M.

Leading Photo: https://www.shutterstock.com


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