Hello from the comfort of my bed. (LOL)

Wait!  Don’t leave me, I’m not rubbing it in, ok, maybe a little, don’t be salty. I was just establishing my location. Don’t be mad, see the way my vacation days were set up, this is how it turned out.

Ok, you know why I’m here *Marshawn Lynch voice.* (Google NFL, Marshawn Lynch if you have no clue what that reference is about.)

Do you feel tired?  Does the idea of working from home sound amazeballs right now? Does going back to work after lunch break sound like death? Do you with life had a rewind button? (Duh, we all do and not just for the reason I  write next.)  Feel it, embrace it, it’s a sign of a good time had.

Ahh, America, your birthday is always a rager and as usual, I had a blast.  The recovery is real USA, and you have the most awesome birthday parties. Thank you for the automatic invite, you’re the best.

Well, what did you guys do this past weekend?  I did alot of simple fun things that made for an awesome 4th of July Weekend.

I went to see Independence Day Resurgence and The Legend of Tarzan both in 3D in our hometown AMC Theater.  Both were really good movies if you are into action like me, but I was partial to Tarzan due to my love for Eric Northman (Shout out to my Trubies, ya’ll know what I mean.)

I was able to get plenty of DTS time (DTS=Down The Shore, LOL, insert a you know you’re in Jersey when meme.)  I got to visit Sea Bright Beach, had lunch on the beach in Long Branch at Avenue with “Young Jenner” (You Must Subscribe to my Snap Chat to understand LOL, Snap Chat name Nima_W) and round my beach time up at my normal stop at Sandy Hook Beach with my fav lil family.

Sea Bright Beach


Lunch at Avenue
My sisters and I braved the rain, yes braved people, hello, my hair was straight for goodness sake, for the always beautiful Nomehegan Park fireworks display near our hometown and finally today is my day of recovery. A great weekend had, spent with great family and friends.

Even more importantly, I was able to get in all my patriotic fashion ensembles, which made me a very happy girl.

In my spare time I also tested Kylie Jenner’s promise to have her site stocked enough to survive the weekend and she held to her promise. (High Five Kylie.)  While her newly released shades Freedom, Kymajesty and Skylie sold out quickly, you were still able, and can still as I type, purchase a lipkit or gloss on her site.  Of course the most popular shades are gone by now, the release was Friday.  However, I was able to purchase King K Metals gloss on Saturday and there are several kits, metals and glosses available still.  I know, I swore I the last Kylie Lip Kit review was my last.  SMH, I could not resist the gold and it will finish my Metals collection as I am not interested in the blue hue of Kymajesty.

As today is my recovery day, I will rechadrge my battery by laying in bed writing this blog, catching on my missed television shows and playing the Sims 3 on my laptop.  In other words, nerding and vegging out.

I hope you all got in some great times, made great memories and spent your weekend of America’s Birthday with the people you love most, because after all, that is what a holiday is all about. OH, and retail therapy, LOL, cannot forget that.

Let the memories of the great weekend past power you through your hangover today.  May the force be with you my friends.

xoxo Nikki M.


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