To slay, according to the Urban Dictionary, means to kill it, succeed in something amazing.

Some believe that to “slay,” one must be dripped in designer clothing, hang out with the who’s who of the “it” crowd or be a replica of Beyoncé or a Kardashian/Jenner (Pick, one, either one will do.  NOT TRUE! Although, being Beyoncé does help. LOL.

In the famous words of the Queen of Slayage herself, I SLAY! I slay at work, at neighborhood BBQ’s, at baby showers, birthday parties, weddings and christenings. Hell I even slay at a Superbowl Party. LOL.

I say this to say that no matter where I go, I always put forth my best self.  Whether it’s a “formal slay” such as a wedding or a “casual slay” such as a BBQ , please believe that my outfit was planned, coordinated and timed to detonate style on cue.

Also, know that while I do own an exorbitant amount of designer items and feel that Nordstrom is Heaven on Earth, most of my slayage arsenal is purchased from completely affordable main chain stores like Target (Targét if ya fancy), Old NavyForever 21 and Steve Madden.  I am a firm believer in it not being the cost of the items you wear but how you wear them.  A mix of high priced and low items is definitely the way to go but your most important accessory is your confidence.

My outfit may consist of something as simple as an Old Navy tank top, jeans from Target (Mossimo Supply Co) paired with a Michael Kors watch and bag.  There may be a woman in this same exact outfit, sitting right next to me, but the difference will be out own unique spin on the outfit; our style; or for this posts sake; our slayage.

Make up, clothes and jewlery dont make a person, they help , but it’s ones personality, their own personal flair, that makes all the difference.

You should believe, as I do, that NO ONE can wear or do anything like you.  The moment you believe that, others will follow.  Self love is a powerful thing.

Ok, so how do you slay you ask?  There is only one step, love yourself,  The rest will follow.  Kanye your day everyday.  Love yourself like Kanye loves himself and occasionally as much as he loves North and Saint (Sorry Kim, LOL). Man an entrance when you enter a room as if the paparazzi is outside awaiting your exit.

Whether in school in your sweats, an at home Mom caring for kids, at work in your uniform of office attire or simply just walking the streets. Hold your head up high, know that NO ONE does it quite like you. Know there is NO ONE else in this world exactly like you, even if you are a twin!

My loves, go slay because you can.  Why not? Trust me it’s fun, and if you’re a lil extra like me, Kimmy K it (Kim Kardashian), take a selfie, post that s!#* with the caption #ISlay *Beyonce Voice*, because sweethearts you do, we all do.

xoxo Nikki M.


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