It’s that time again my beauty luvah’s.  Ipsy Wednesday!! 😀  If you are not familiar with  Ipsy or this post please see my very first review #OnWednesdayWeTalkIpsy. This month, my glam bag was not late or lost so I thank the post office of Linden, NJ for delivering it to me correctly this month.
Anyway, let’s dig in! 

As per every month, I have received 5 samples of beauty products and I shall go over each one. If I have used the product, I shall give my opinion (that has never been an issue for me LOL). 

July Glam Bag Swag

This month’s bag is a cute holographic silver with umbrella print on the front. Ipsy never lets me down in my makeup bag options.

Let’s look at each item. 

Vasanti MakeUp Brush

First up is a Vasanti Makeup Brush. Honestly, I know NOTHING about makeup brushes. I don’t really wear that much makeup and the make up I do use a brush to apply is bronzer or highlighter. I am assuming, so those of you brush inclined please help educate me, that this is an eyeshadow applicator brush. Two reasons I guessed that; one its tiny and angled. Two, I also received an eyeshadow in this month’s glam bag, so I’m assuming (again LOL). A little deduction of clues here. I have not and most likely will not use the brush. I will add it to my collection. 

That leads me to the next product. 

Meet Matt(e) Trimony
Marriage Matt(e)rial

💋 The Balm Cosmetics makes this eyeshadow with the very cute and kitschy name. I don’t use much eyeshadow as I am bronzer, lashes and highlighter obsessed. I feel that’s way more than enough for me. However, on the occasion that I want to get fancy and not be the glittery bronzy slay goddess I am (LOL, YEA, I said it 😂), I think I might try this understated matte look. Stay tuned for that post on Instagram. 

Next up is one of my favorite out of the samples. I will gush over it in a second, let me drop this pic first…

Delectable Leom Cream Hand Cream

This hand cream made by Cake Beauty is amazeballs! I cannot express in a normal cute way how this smells , so excuse me when I say, this smells f*•#%+~ng DELICIOUS! I mean that’s it. It literally smells like a warm piece of lemon cake. I want to eat my hands every single time. It smells so good that I have literally put it on like 3 coworkers while intensely discussing it’s fantastic smell with another Ipsy convert coworker I have. I love it. It’s currently in my bag and you can find it on my IG page as well. Awesome product. 

On to the last two products that I have not yet used as I just got the bag last week, but I think I am going to use them in a Batman and Robin kinda way during my mini spa session this Sunday. Hopefully.

Palmetto Facial Mask

If you’ve been following my blog, or sneaking to read it cause your nosey 😉 (ya’ll are welcome too) you know that one of my goals besides #DayTrippin is to make it to the beach every Sunday. So far I have only missed 2 Sunday’s so my skin is always is need of rejuvenation after the beach and I think that although these items are not necessarily a combo used for what I’m planning to do, I think it might work out. 

Palmetto Skin Care makes the Rejuvinating Antioxidant Mask. It’s a soft clay mask, parabens and phthalates free, that is suppose to give a cooling effect while purifying , absorbing antioxidants and brightening and softening the skin. Perfect after a sunny day on the beach and a good home made olive oil and sugar. Very excited to try. 

If my lil bout of never ending excema ends, I will definitely try out Too Faced Cosmetics. If not, I will have to stick to my same facial routine as I have been doing. This light cream is intended to be a make up primer but since it is coconut water based and is said to “promote elasticity and hydrate” it can’t hurt to see what it can do with out the use of makeup.  Here’s praying to the skin God s that they allow my face to heal. *bows head and ask for forgiveness for whatever wrong I have done* LOL. I definitely will letcha know how that works out.

So there you have it, July’s Glam Swag. I hope you all got items you enjoy as much as I did.  Till next Ipsy Wednesday my loves 😘. 

xoxo Nikki M.


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