RUN! Turn back! You have ignored the caution tape and are almost too far into treacherous territory.

Like the purest form of heroin, I am blissful at first. Chasing the high, you ignore the jagged rocks and deep plummets while you frolic in the freshly cut, flower filled fields and bask in the sun’s rays.

So indulged in the beauty of the scenery, you fail to notice the lack of greenery as you chase. You fail to notice the cold air grazing your skin as you push forward.

LOOK! Please be observant, I beg of you.

The road beyond this blissful field is skewed, at times tight rope like. It may seem that only a skilled acrobat can accomplish such a feat, as you view the items from past journey’s unfinished along your way.

The air is thin and cold. The sun peeks out only to view the grey landscape, then disappear. Sometimes, your only moment of solace along the journey.

Here is where you can kick the habit. Abandon the journey. Turn around, bliss you think, can’t possibly be down this road. Do not fret if this your choice, the journey isn’t made for everyone. 

Choose to continue down this road and you will find it won’t be treacherous for long, although you may see no end in sight. There are greener pastures ahead; a new bliss.

Warmth from the sun to elevate the chill from the air during your journey. New shoes to replace the ones ruined to travel the skewed and jagged road you followed.

I also traveled this road. The same skewed treacherous road you traveled was  the trail made by me. My journey to my bliss; my happiness. My road to finding me.

Dear Future Husband, I wait at the end of this road.

The sun is bright and the scenery is a lushfully delightful green. Storms occur but, together we will take shelter. 

Dear Future Husband, take off your coat and shoes and rest in my arms and find solace in the sound of my heart beat. Your journey is over.

For the road you just traveled lead you to my heart. ❤️ -Nikki

xoxo Nikki M.   


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