…you may hate me but it ain’t no lie…

Did you sing it like Justin Timberlake back in the N’Sync days? I hope so because I totally did along with hand motion. (ya’ll know the move 😂)

Yes friends, foes and followers, I have de-blonded and returned to the darkside 😈. 

Do Blondes have more fun you ask? I would have to say it’s a different type of fun indeed. (The boys seem to like the blondes 😉) but, not to toot my own horn but “Toot Toot”/ Kanye to the max; I am pretty damn fun no matter what shade my hair is so Im not sure I am one to really judge. Lmao. But I digress..

I loved going blonde. I ran the gamut of the blonde hair palette this Summer 16. From a deep almondy blonde in the earlier months, to super blonde by the month of June then to a mellow golden blonde for the sultry month of July. I had a blast as a lil chocolate blondie this Summer.

Ahh Summer, if only it were to last forever in NJ. The Autumn wind is near and football is on TV, ( GO Raiders! 💀) so, I must return to my roots. 

The transition between blonde and brunette was experimental and fun as I love to make up colors or as I say, “see what happens.” 

I first went a smokey gun metal blue that I aptly named “Blue Steel ™” after the worlds most famous photographed model pose (😂 Ben Stiller) courtesy of Loreal Paris Féria Smokey Blue. I loved it. 

The Atlantic Ocean apparently did not and after a trip down the Jersey Shore one fine Sunday morning I lost a battle with a couple of waves and my hair color. (Waves 5 – Nikki 0) That left me a wonderful shade of ash grey. Diggin the “grandma vibe” (no offense) I kept it for a few days and rocked it out. What the hell, I kinda liked it. 

After a few days of grey,  I decided to pick up a box of Splat washable Purple dye and see what happend. LOL. Ask anybody who knows me, this is all factual. It turned out a pretty almost rose gold that I named “Rosie Rozay™.” I also loved that, so I chopped my hair to a bob and reveled in my rose gold till the end. 

From Rosie Rozay I went back to my natural roots; brown and curly.

Then from there I went a lil darker with the help of Loreal Féria Bright Black Dye. 

And there you have it folks, I’m back and brunette.

So good bye blonde, we had an awesome Summer. Cheers to great times, lazy beach waves and sun-made highlights. All wonderful memories.

Till next year my dearest blonde, or maybe we’ll meet up for some Ombré during the winter. (LOL)

xoxo Nikki M.

Feature Photo Cred: http://www.crushable.com/2012/02/09/relationships/cry-me-a-river-my-neverending-crush-on-justin-timberlake-228/


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