I’m sure you’ve seen this hashtag several times on social media platforms, but what does it mean to be a Brand Ambassador?

If you have not been asked or approached by a company or brand, here is a quick definition.

According to Wikipedia, a Brand Ambassador is ” a  person hired by an organization or company to represent a brand and increase awareness and sales.”  In simpler terms, the company/brand reaches out to you, offers an incentive for you to help “build” or bring awareness to their company/brand by posting about it on social media.  Of course every company/brand is different.  If you choose to accept their offer and agree to represent the company/brand, you normally will receive a discount code to offer to your followers, in hopes that they in-turn will use it to purchase an item from said company/brand.  There is usually a incentive given to you the more your code is used.  Again, each Brand Ambassador offer will vary.

Your job, not the hardest if you’re a picture taking social media obsessed woman like me, is to post photos of the item(s) or you and the item(s) on to the various social media outlets, hoping to bring attention to the company/brand and ultimately sales due to your promotion.

I have been fortunate enough to be asked by 3 brands via Instagram to represent and post about their products.

My first ambassadorship offer was from Mirina Collections based in New York.  They are an accessories brand that is known for its focus on statement necklaces.  In this case, I purchased a necklace at a discounted price and received a discount code to share with my followers.  I no longer am a ambassador for their brand but the necklace I received is one of my favorites on a dressy occasion.

Mirina Collection
Mirina Collection

Next to ask was Sol Theory.  Sol Theory is a sunglasses and accessories monthly subscription box company based out of California.  You sign up and every month you get a new box.  You have different options on what you can receive; you either get new sunglasses or both sunglasses and an accessory as they also sell those.  Since I am a sunnies (sunglasses) lover, I was super excited and more than willing to accept their offer.

Sol Theory July Box
Sol Theory August Box

I am absolutely in love with the sunglasses I have received so far and look forward each month to my new box. Like my first ambassadorship, I get a discounted code to share with my followers and an incentive each time my code is used.

Recently, I have accepted an offer from #OOTDLeggings / Creepy Leggings division.  Again, a brand after my own heart! The Creepy Leggings division specializes in all things creepy and cool.  From “The Tragedy of Hamlet” leggings, “Skulls and Roses” leggings to Pentagrams and Tim Burton, these leggings are so my style.  This was another brand I was super excited to be approached by and gladly accepted their offer.  Leggings are a staple in my wardrobe in many ways. Mix in skulls, roses and TIM BURTON (I love all things Tim Burton and skulls) and I am in there like swimwear! (LOL)  Like the previous 2 brands, I also get a discount code to share with my followers.

Skull and Roses Leggings
Skull and Roses Leggings
Skull and Roses Leggings

Now, for the answer to the million dollar question, Do I get paid? No. I do receive discounts and perks through the brands.

I don’t do this in the hopes of making money, if it does that’s fantastic. I do have a regular job that suits me just fine.  I do this for fun and as a hobby.  Blogging, posting on social media and representing brands is just a way to express a passion of mine.  So, it is more than humbling to have my style be noticed and have a brand see fit to post me on their social media outlets and have me represent them on mine.  To me it’s really cool, an awesome compliment and very much appreciated.

So my dear dear friends and followers SHOP!!!! Hey, I mean no one loses here. LOL. I get a discount and cool items, YOU get a discount and cool items.  Where is the downfall in that, besides perhaps your bank account balance? LOL. I will provide the codes for Sol Theory and #OOTDLeggins below so that balance in your bank account won’t go that low. ☺️

xoxo Nikki M.





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