Or for those of you more couture inclined, Targét.

Ahh Target, the store where you go in for one item and return to your car with that 1 item and 10 more you may or may have not neeeded. LOL. I KNOW I cannot be the only one this happens to?! 😂

Not only do I visit there for basic life necessities, I most importantly  go there for their incredibly affordable, comfortable yet chic clothing.

If you are an avid follower of my Instagram page, which I hope you are 😁, (If not please see link below), you will KNOW that I am an avid Target shopper.

From simple go-to items like kitschy tees, tank top, sweatpants and jeans to chic dresses, shoes and accessories, I can say my closet is 70% Target. 

As a fan of high/low mixing of my labels as a style must, I find that Target has the perfect blend of quirky items and designer labels at affordable prices to satisfy any budding fashionista’s salacious appetite.

Aside from Target’s in house brands like Mossimo Supply Company, Merona and Disney, there has been an array of designers that have done collaborations with Target to offer low-end price point lines for us fashion savvy money concious shoppers. A lil guilt free label lovin’, can’t go wrong with that.

The list of designer collaborations is expansive and fashionably ecclectic. It includes Proenza Shouler, Alexander McQueen, Rodarte, Jason Wu, Missoni (my fav), Prabal Gurung, 3.1 Phillip Lim to Sam Edelman. Target never disappoints when collaborating with a brand.

Some may pish posh the idea of clothing from Target but they would be wrong and hey honestly that leaves more clothes for me. However, the empty racks at Target tell me some might be secret Target shoppers. 

I mix my pieces bought here with my expensive labels with ease. I also have no problem rockin an ENTIRE outfit bought from Target. Remember, style is what you make it. No one can duplicate your special touch, even if in the same outfit! 

Here are a few on my outfits made up of items purchases at Target…

As you can see Target has pieces you can put together no matter what your style is! 

So,if you have not ventured over into the clothing, shoes or accessories sections of Target just allow yourself to wander on over. I betcha you come out with at least one item! It’s envitable! lol. 

Bravo, Targét. Bravo! 

xoxo Nikki M 

Blog Feature Image from http://www.inroads.org


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