Hello lovahs, friends, family and foes! Another month, another Ipsy Bag. 

As usual I will be showing you what I received in my September Glam Bag and my thoughts about them. You down or nah? Lol. Alrighty then, let’s get started.

Ok, so I’m no Angelina Jolie (and clearly Brad is no longer impressed either) and not to toot my own horn, but, TOOT TOOT ya’ll! Mama was born with great lips if you ask me and a few select others 😉. Nonetheless, this Too Faced Cosmetics Lip Injection made me gasp with glee as I opened up my makeup bag! I have been DYING to try a lip enhancing product, but not being familiar with that world I didn’t want to buy the wrong thing and waste my money. Besides, like I said, Mama’s got lips so I really don’t need it. Lol. 

Lip Injection by Too Faced Cosmetics
Anyway, as usual Too Faced stayed true to it’s proclamations. Since it was the first item I ripped open and instantly used (I just used it again; it’s 1am est and I am in bed 😂) I can attest that it does deliver what it promises. 

You immediatley feel a tingle the minute you put it on. The box does warn about this and says it’s lasts about 5 to 10 minutes, which is totally accurate. It lasts for me, about 6-7 minutes. In a few minutes after application, you can literally feel your lips plumping (which is kinda cool; I’m a nerd too LOL) and If you use it over a few weeks as I have, you do notice a fullness increase. If that wasn’t all fantastic, here is the best part it’s a light weight clear formula that not only plumps but also leaves your lips non sticky and super moisturiezed. It’s thin silky feel leaves your lips soft, looking glossy and plumped. What more could you ask for? Another awesome sample from Too Faced Cosmetics.

Up next on the favs from this month is VaVoom nail polish by Be a Bombshell Cosmetics.

I’d like to thank them for featuring these lil piggy’s on their Instagram page @beabombshellcosmetics 😀 I was super humbled and I adored this color.

VaVoom Nail Polish by Be a Bombshell Cosmetics

To me it’s a perfect transitional color for those few weeks between Labor Day and the beginning of Fall (which is today) where you are confused on what to wear and still want a pop of Summer color but Summer is over, but it’s not quite yet Fall so you don’t wanna go dark.

It’s the perfect mix in between the brightness of  a Summer royal blue and a mid Winter inky navy. 

Fall pop of color perfection. 

The next 3 items I received but have not yet reviewed.

  • Eyeko “Eye Do” Liquid Liner

  • Nuxe Paris “Crème Fraîche” 24 Hour Soothing & Rehydrating Mask

  • Briogeo “Don’t Despair Repair!” Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Now, let’s be perfectly clear, LOL, I LOVE eyeliner, but since I’ve been getting my lash extensions done I hardly ever use liner on my top lids anymore. I am a fan of the “winged” effect. If wearing eyeliner now, I usually only line my bottom lid. I love my waterproof It Cosmetics Eyeliner that I got in August’s Glam Bag that I’ve been using that. 

No worries though, I will get a full report as I plan on gifting it to a special spirit animal MILF who is the master of “winged” eyeliner! ❤️

Since I have sensitive skin, I am on a strict all natural product regimen . I will not be testing out the Nuxe Soothing and Hydrating Mask. So it might end up as a goodie in my upcoming Halloween Trick or Treat  Giveaway on Instagram. Stay tuned  🎃.

I fully intend on using the Briogeo Hair Mask. It is paraben, silicone and sulfate free and smells delish! I just have yet had the time to use it. *insert eye roll and say in Carrie Bradshaw voice when she drops her birthday cake in the concrete “You’re sooooo busy!!!!” * LOL 😂

There you have it gals and guys, my September Glam Bag Swag. 

As usual I hope you all enjoyed your products and tested them out just as I have. Please comment if you’ve gotten the products I’m not using and let me know how they are. I love a little chat. 😀

Until next time my loves. 

xoxo Nikki M


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